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FULL MOON - Soulful Breathwork for Healing and Transformation

  • Mayu Sanctuary 1804 S Pearl st Denver, CO 80210 USA (map)

The last full moon workshop that I did was during the Super Blood Harvest moon at the end of September. It was hands down the single most powerful breathwork session I've witnessed, either as a participant or facilitator. The full moon is bound to stir up and release many more things within us. Or at the very least, it can unleash your inner werewolf ;) 

And for those of you who don't know:

Soulful breathwork is a simple yet profound healing practice that has the ability to heal at all levels: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

Soulful Breathwork targets and releases our emotional blockages, releasing them permanently.

In addition to that, Soulful Breathwork has the ability to provide the space for profound spiritual experiences as well.

You should take this workshop if:


•You are feeling stuck in your life
•You want greater perspective and clarity
•You want to quiet the mind
•You have emotions that you want to express and release


After a Soulful Breathwork session it is not uncommon to feel enlivened, energized, and infused with clearer purpose.  


Price for this event is $30. 

Space is limited so register today in order to ensure you can attend! 

Your spot is only secured once you make your payment through PayPal. The link to do so can be found here:

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

Please bring yoga mat, blanket and pillow. 

It’s preferable not to eat for at least an hour prior.

See you there!