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Transpersonal Breathwork

  • Vital 3955 Tennyson Street Denver, CO, 80212 United States (map)

Transpersonal literally means beyond the self, beyond the personal.  And that is exactly where this Breathwork practice is intended to take you.


When we step into the realm of the transpersonal, all of our worries, concerns, and problems magically vanish.  Everything just makes sense.

In this realm, emotions, fears and blockages that keep us from the fullest expression of our being simply dissolve.  They are burned in the light of our awareness and released to the larger field of existence.

This Transpersonal Breathwork practice is an invitation to step into that field that exists beyond our every day reality.  In this place, you will experience yourself as the fully luminous being that you are.  Through continued practice, you can exist as this expression on a day to day basis.

A fulfilled, content, and worry free existence is within reach, and this Transpersonal Breathwork practice is an excellent tool to help you reach your goals of both spiritual realization and emotional/psychological healing.


Price for this event is $30.   

Registration and payment can be done through Vital's website in order to help the signing in process on Monday night.

Otherwise you can register and pay at the front desk of Vital when you arrive.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.   

Please bring yoga mat, blanket and pillow.   

It’s preferable not to eat for at least an hour prior.