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The Sacred Trinity of Transcendence: Light, Breath, Sound

  • Light Space Denver 1201 Santa Fe Drive Unit D Denver, CO 80204 USA (map)

The Sacred Trinity of Transcendence. Finally. Three modalities of healing, transformation, alignment, and transcendence brought together into one event that is not to be missed. This event will be faciliated by both Rob Tim Paul and Seth Snowden.

Light. The workshop will start out with individual and group light sessions with the Lucia N°03. The Lucia N°03 is a revolutionary and scientifically based method for combining bright solid light (from a halogen) with flickering LEDs. The effect is an incredible experience that takes you on a beautiful journey within. This light machine stimulates the pineal gland, a small cone-shaped gland in the center of the brain, the gland known by Descartes as the "Seat of the Soul." This gland is widely postulated to release DMT; di-methyl tryptamine, the endogenous compound that is widely thought to be responsible for sleep dreams as well as producing many out of body experiences. The light session will open the mind and energy channels, putting you in a more open and receptive state for what is still to come.

Breath. Prana. Life force. Chi. During a transformational breathwork session we will take in much greater quantities of all of these, allowing this universal energy to flow where it needs to in order to provide the greatest level of healing, alignment, clarity, and profundity. Among other things, this breathwork practice is very good at releasing deeply stored emotion within the body. It has a profound capability of shining a light on the dark corners of our being, the parts of ourselves that need attention and integration into our normal waking consciousness. Countless people have considered one session of this practice to be the most profound experience of their lives, both in terms of the depth of emotional release as well as the profundity of the spiritual experience incurred. It’s not one to be taken lightly, and can certainly provide whatever you most need at this juncture in your life.

Sound. In concurrence with the Breathwork session will be the incredible vibrations of Healing Sound. Sound vibrations will wash over you through an uninterupted channel of refined high-intentions and soothing multi-instumental vibrations. Individually, these sessions promote peace and relaxation, relieve stress, deepen visions and day-to-day intentions, and can assist one in finding their truest, deepest passions in life. Together in conjunction with the Breathwork, these sounds can set the stage for nothing short of revolutionary and completely life changing.

There will be two sessions of this 3 hour event. 

Sunday 8/21 at 6:30pm
Tuesday 8/23 at 6:30pm

The suggested investment in self for one session is $40. Bring a friend to one session or register online to reserve your spot and you will each receive a $5 discount, $35 each, $70 for the pair.

These sessions are done in close proximity not only to make it more available to those who might not be available for one of the nights, but also for those who would like to bundle both sessions into an even deeper experience, a true reset and realignment of wherever you are currently.

If just you would like to come to both sessions, the suggested investment in self is $65 for the two nights. If you and a friend would like to come to both sessions the suggested investment is only $120 for both of you, for both nights! That’s only $30 per person, per session, or a 25% discount off the standard, individual price.

Payment can be made in advance through PayPal to the email address When making payment, please include a note as to which session you will be attending and which discount package you would like.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

So much love and blessings to everyone.


And I would just like to stress that there will be very minimal props available at the space for group use. This practice will be done lying on the floor and so it will be on you to bring what you need to in order to be comfortable lying on the floor for an extended period of time. Multiple blankets and pillows is great. Don't feel weird about bringing too much, the more the better! It is your comfort after all :)