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Travel Through Your Consciousness

  • Mayu Sanctuary 1804 South Pearl Street Denver, CO, 80210 United States (map)

Travel Through Your Consciousness is a class that makes use of a guided practice, or journey, that is designed to take you deeply through the different layers of yourself, ideally coming to a glimpse of that core, true essence of who you are.


The class begins with 10-15 minutes of seated meditation, after which we will move into the journey, which is done lying down.


This practice can have effects ranging from ‘simple’ deep relaxation all the way to ecstatic, out of body experiences.


This practice promotes peace and contentment throughout your life, as well as a quieter, calmer mind. This practice will help you to disidentify with that which is ultimately unimportant in your life as well as provide more focus, energy, and clarification for that which does matter.



COST: $15


Prepayment is required in order to hold your spot. Prepayment can be done by following the PayPal link below:

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and a thin pillow.


It's preferable not to eat for at least an hour prior.


See you there!