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Yoga Nidra Sound Healing Bliss

  • 77 East Vassar Avenue Denver, CO, 80210 United States (map)

Yoga nidra is a profound relaxation practice that is specifically designed to move you deeply into yourself, pausing along the way at each distinct layer of your being. In the process, this essentially simple practice attunes you to subtle energy fields, frees you from non-serving patterns, and allows you to step more fully into who you innately are.


The setting for this magical practice will be the vibration from numerous sound bowls. The vibrational sound you will be experiencing will touch your body on a molecular and crystalline level. As you journey deeply into yourself and beyond, the sound vibrations from the singing bowls will be there as your foundation, your base, and your muse, gently guiding you along to farther and farther heights, touching places of your existence that you never knew existed. 


The sound vibrations along with the yoga nidra practice will balance the chakra system, re-energize the auric field, and make healing possible on all levels. You might even catch a glimpse into the mystery of existence.


We will begin our journey around 7. Please be on time so as not to disturb the session :)


Suggested energy exchange: $20-$30*


*We do not want anyone to feel excluded or that they can not attend because of a financial barrier. We ask you come experience this transformational session and leave what you think is a fair exchange. Just please come!!


Om namah shivaya!




And I would just like to stress that there will be very minimal props available at the space for group use. This practice will be done lying on the floor and so it will be on you to bring what you need to in order to be comfortable lying on the floor for an extended period of time. Multiple blankets and pillows is great. Don't feel weird about bringing too much, the more the better! It is your comfort after all :)