When we speak of Soul, we speak of the deepest, most innate part of our being.  We're referring to our true essence.  And in short, this Soulful Breathwork practice is able to connect us with just that.

A shining, luminous, and joyous Self is the birth right of each and every one of us.  Of course though, through the many vicissitudes of life, this often becomes obscured.

And so in essence, this Soulful Breathwork practice is about removing the blockages that keep us from living our most joyful, fulfilled, and luminous Selves.  It is about reconnecting with our Soul.



Healing the Emotional Waters

So often in our society we are not given the tools necessary to effectively  process the emotions of significant or traumatic events in our lives.  When we do not give full expression to our emotions in the moment of an event, we end up storing these experiences in our body, and in turn this accumulation of unexpressed emotion negatively affects our lives in countless ways. 

Almost everyone is walking around with some level emotional baggage, and this is, among other things, what Soulful Breathwork is targeting and releasing, freeing us from their burdens.

I like to say that whatever you most need in your life at the moment you are destined to participate, the breath will be able to give it to you.

. Some of the things you may receive from the practice are:

-Deep emotional release
-Profound spiritual insights and experiences
-Deep relaxation and rest
-Realignment of your body, mind, and spirit
-Clarification on challenging things in your life
-Healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual


In short, one Soulful Breathwork session could change your life FOREVER.  I've seen it happen countless times.

This practice is done lying down and no prior experience with meditation of any sort is required.

After a Soulful Breathwork session it is not uncommon to feel enlivened and energized and infused with clearer purpose. 

Come find out more about this bizarrely simple and incredibly profound practice.

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Stimulating Endogenous DMT Production


VOD release of DMT: The Spirit Molecule in Oct 2011. http://www.thespiritmolecule.com

In this video excerpt from DMT: The Spirit Molecule, pharmacologist Steven Barker postulates that the majority of DMT production comes from the lungs, and that changes in lung physiology may lead to increased production and re-uptake of both DMT and serotonin.

What is DMT?  It's shorthand for di-methyltryptamine, and it's widely thought that this is the neurotransmitter that causes dreams.  It's also that there is a large rush of endogenous (internal) DMT production at both the time of birth and the time of death.  DMT is likely the cause of people having near-death experiences where they leave their body and travel around the universe, talk with ancestors, etc.  This is also then seems to be neurotransmitter that we're stimulating in our Soulful Breathwork practice since many, many people have had those sorts of experiences.

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