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Lil' Stressed?

Man, these are some stressful times. Things feel unsettled, overwhelming and out of control at times. Good thing is, there are ways to help ourselves that are in our control. All of the following tips are for you to do today and everyday to help reduce stress and get OUT of the Fight, Flight, Freeze response... so keep reading!

Stay grounded. When you're grounded, you are fully present in your physical body. Being grounded can reduce inflammation, improve your mood and increase your immune system. It can help you stay rooted even when everything is in chaos around you. When you're grounded, you are not living in Fight, Flight or Freeze.

Simple ways to do this: Get outside.// Do a thymus pump.// Meditate and breathe.// Hold one hand on top of your head and the other on the back of your head for 30 seconds.// Feel your feet on the ground, feel the energy in the bottoms of your feet.

Energy medicine techniques. These techniques align your body's energies to boost your health and vitality. I like Donna Eden; she's sincere and loving (and quite energetic). I posted 3 stress and anxiety reducing techniques on my IG story last week (and YouTube has a bunch of them). Energy medicine techniques move our energy quickly, and you can feel better right away.

Emotion Code. It releases trapped emotions and can help bring you back into balance. I have a "quick release" session that is only 15 minutes long if something comes up before your next scheduled session. But I'd also like to remind you to release emotions "on the fly." If you are feeling a negative emotion in real time, swipe your hand over your governing meridian 3 times while saying "I release this emotion of......."

Keeping your head above water is all you can do some days, so please give yourself grace when you're feeling overwhelmed by outside stressors. On the days you feel good, FEEL good! Lean into it and take advantage of it in ways that nurture your soul, body and mind.


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