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some days, just half ass it

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

On the days where your vibration is low, it's raining, you're stressed or overwhelmed, and you are just kind of all set with your to-do list... EXPECT LESS. These are not the days where you're going to feel productive and motivated. These are the days you are going to do your best to just get through. So... how do we get through them without derailing our week and without self sabotage or punishment?

  1. Recognize that it's a 1/2 ass day, and give yourself grace without judgement.

  2. Stay hydrated. THE easiest thing you can do for your health.

  3. Ground, even with a thymus thump, every time you think of it. Ideally, go outside barefoot.

  4. Breathe throughout the day, dropping your shoulders and relaxing your jaw.

  5. Eat warm foods, including vegetables.

  6. Move your body, even just a tad. Don't feel like running? That's ok, and expected on 1/2 ass days. Sit on the ground and stretch, or go for a walk. Still feels like too much? Do some hip openers and stretch your neck (both places where we hold stress) at your desk.

  7. Find comfort in the little things that bring you joy. Some days it can be hard to remember what brings you joy, and that's ok- just do your best. Make tea, buy flowers, call a friend, read...

  8. Get off your gosh darn phone. Want to create a 1/2 ass day and lower your vibration? Scroll through social media and get lost in the dark hole of the internet.

I find that the dreary days of fall and winter can be a recipe for 1/2 ass days. Expect them, and dare I say welcome them? Yes, I do dare. And... prepare for them! Buy or make some soup to freeze, buy a fiction book (like an actual book where you flip the pages) and pick it up on times where motivation is low but you don't want to scroll yourself deeper. Practice hygge everyday, not just on the dreary and cold days... create a spot that feels comfortable and warm, light candles, drink warm drinks and get some comfy socks or a blanket.

You know, act like you're an 85 year old grandmother.

Thank you for taking the time to care for yourself, because you can't pour from an empty cup as they say.

Have a good 1/2 ass day.



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