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finding balance through energy healing

 Kristen Hough from Openhearted works with a simple energy healing technique called The Emotion Code developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  It releases trapped emotions to lighten the load of the emotional baggage we carry throughout our lives.  This baggage can affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


Releasing trapped emotions can bring our bodies back into balance.  Trapped emotions are spheres of negative energy that become lodged within our bodies, and can lead to physical and emotional imbalances.  We can have inherited and absorbed emotions too, which could be contributing to unexplained stress, pain, anxiety or phobias. Dr. Bradley Nelson believes that trapped emotions are largely responsible for pain and disease.  We all have trapped emotions from different periods of our lives which could be contributing to emotional and physical imbalances.  When we release these emotions, we may feel lighter and more balanced.  As we continue to help ease our bodies back into balance, we can see changes in our well-being.  Our immune systems may function more effectively, we may notice our communication improve, and the ability to love can flow more freely.  Physical pain and ailments can decrease and in many cases, disappear.  

Living openhearted.  We can work together to release trapped energy and

open up your heart.  We can get you to a place where you can live a life filled

with more joy, love, and balance!  

Consult.  Book an intro session to learn more about The Emotion Code and

how this modality could work for you.  I also highly recommend

reading The Emotion Code book by Dr. Nelson to learn more about how this all works

before your session.  

Short on time?  Click below to learn more..


Kristen Hough

Need help for a child struggling and don't know where to turn?  

Visit my collaboration website to help our youth get access to energy healing sessions quickly.

(free and discounted sessions are available)







Disclaimer: The Emotion Code™ and other energy healing techniques are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, illness or disorder.  

Releasing trapped emotions and energy are not a substitute for medical care or therapy.  

Information on this website or during sessions is not intended for medical advice. 

You should always contact a medical professional if you have concerns about your physical or mental health.

Results are never guaranteed and vary from person to person.

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