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My name is Kristen Hough, I'm a certified Emotion Code practitioner and a mother of 5.  I live outside of Boston with my family and two Cobberdogs, Daisy and Mabel.  I have my Masters in Special Education and in my prior life, I taught preschool-aged children with moderate to severe disabilities.  I also worked as a home service provider for students on the autism spectrum, ranging from ages 3-13.  I put my heart into both of those jobs and loved working with the children and their families.  Now, using energy healing, I can follow my passion for helping people on a far deeper level.  Instead of teaching coping strategies, I can get to the root of the emotional and physical pain caused by, well... life!



Kristen Hough

I started this journey when my well-being and happiness started to take a back seat to my stress and anxiety.  My nutritionist recommended reading The Emotion Code, and although I was skeptical at first, the more I read the more intrigued I became.  The testimonials in the book showed significant changes in the lives of these people.  I finished the book from start to finish in one day (thank you jury duty!) and began practicing my muscle testing.  I quickly realized that this was as simple as it sounded, and wanted to see what it could do for my life.  I started working with an EC practitioner to help my stress levels and relationships.  After 3 sessions, I felt a shift in my energy.  I felt lighter, calmer, and more grounded.  As my sessions continued, it was easier for me to find joy and many of my triggers started disappearing.  My neck pain went away and I finally felt like myself!  

I became certified in The Emotion Code to help normalize energy healing and share this method with as many people as I can.  Adults, children, and animals may benefit from The Emotion Code.  

I've worked with past and present clients ranging in ages

from newborn to 75 years of age with the following:

*releasing trauma and painful memories from past events

* decreasing stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression

* decreasing physical pain 

* improving communication

* clearing the throat chakra to encourage self-expression and advocacy

* strengthening relationships

* decreasing rage and anger

* releasing self-sabotage and self-destructive tendencies

* removing fears and phobias (including my own fear of birds!)

* removing imbalances to encourage more self-love and respect

* opening up the heart to give and receive more love

Every trapped emotion released is another step towards clearing imbalances and living the life you want.  All of my sessions are done remotely- over the phone or video conferencing.  I also have some clients who prefer not to have a one on one session but would still like the benefits of releasing trapped emotions.  I connect to these clients with a picture and send my findings over email.  Energy knows no bounds- we are all connected!

The Emotion Code has changed my life, and I am thankful that I've been given this opportunity to help others on their path to healing, and ultimately, living with an open heart.  Let's lighten the load of emotional baggage together and see where it can take you!  Book a consult.

Want to learn more about what a session looks like? Click here.

Have more questions?  Check out the FAQs.

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