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processing tips

assist your body with the energetic changes taking place!

1. Get hydrated & stay hydrated.  Energy work dehydrates cells.  We need our cells to be hydrated to help with smooth processing.

2. Get outside. This is easy, but often overlooked.  Nature is healing in and of itself- use it to ground!

3.  Breathe.  In through your nose for 4 counts, out through your mouth for 8.  Repeat.

4. Do 10-15 thymus pumps.  Ground yourself throughout the day, especially when you can't get outside.

5. Take time for yourself.  Read, rest, relax.  Also, check out Donna Eden or Prune Harris for some energy exercises.

6. Ground Clear Shield & Protect.  Read more about this powerful visualization here.

7.  Lower your stress response.  Hold your hand on your forehead and breathe for 1-5 minutes to bring blood back into your forebrain and reduce the fight or flight response.  Read more about this and other techniques in one of my blog posts here.

8. Use affirmations. I am processing with grace and ease.  The energetic changes in my body are for my highest good.  I am grounded and centered.  I grow stronger everyday and I am patient with the process.  I create peace within me.  Love emanates from my soul and fills me with all I need.  

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"One of my favorite things about the Emotion Code is that you don't have to relive the events that trapped the emotions in the first place.  Actually, you don't even need to voice them to me at all!  We find the emotion, we release it, and it's gone for good.  Each released emotion is a chance for your body to find its way back to balance."

-Kristen Hough

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