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we all have a go-to

A go-to: an Achilles heel, a default imbalance.  It can be different for everyone.  Depression, anxiety, phobias and fears, disconnection from a loved one, physical pain... these are all examples of go-to's.

Imagine our trapped emotions as rocks all of all sizes, and our bodies as beach pails.  As we add pebbles and rocks to our pails, the pail gets heavier.  These "rocks," whether inherited from our ancestors, absorbed emotions from a friend, past trauma, an argument with a loved one, a tough day with the kids or at work- all of this gets thrown into one pail!  And we only get one pail (read: body).   As these emotions pile up, our physical and emotional bodies become imbalanced.  Our bodies do not forget our past... time does not heal, it buries.


If you have had a bad week or you’re overwhelmed with life, your “go-to” can take over.  So you know when we say things like, “I feel so______ this week for some reason!"  The reason is, your pail has been tipped.  Once these trapped emotions are overflowing, you start to feel it. When we reduce the level of emotions in the pail, we reduce our overall baggage and feel better.  That’s how the Emotion Code works!

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