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Emotion Code FAQs

What is it?

It's a form of energy healing which releases trapped emotions from the body, brain and heart which can bring more balance to your emotional and physical well-being.

How does it work?

I use energy testing to connect with your subconscious.  I use various charts with emotions and beliefs to identify what needs to be released.  We release one emotion at a time.  Usually, we release about 7-10 emotions per issue, and work on 2-3 issues per session. 

How long until I see results?

It depends on the person and how many layers of emotions are contributing to an issue. It also depends on where you are in your healing journey... are you ready for a change? For me, it took 3 sessions to feel a significant shift in my energy.  After the first session, I knew there was something to this!  Learn more about my journey here.  

Who can benefit?

Adults, children and animals can benefit from releasing trapped emotions.  It's a simple, non-invasive method of energy healing.  You also don't need to believe it's going to work, it's ok to be skeptical!  

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