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So, what does a session look like?


We'll take a few minutes to check in and discuss what areas you'd like to work on during the session. Sometimes clients decide to work on one issue at a time until we can bring down the severity level of the issue to a 0 or 1 (out of 10).  Other clients prefer to work on a couple of issues at a time.  It's about what works for you!


Once the trapped energy and age are both determined, I will use a magnet over my governing meridian to release the emotion. I always ask for you to process with grace and ease while releasing.  


After a session, you should feel lighter and calmer.  Your job is to stay hydrated and eat nutritiously to help your body process!   According to Dr. Nelson, 20% of people will have processing symptoms (refer to consent form for more info).


I have many charts that I refer to during a session.   You can check out the main chart here.  One by one, I find the trapped energy that your body is ready to release related to an issue.  


We'll continue to release emotions related to the issues we've identified until your subconscious says to stop.  This is usually between 7 and 10 per issue.  It can be less, but very rarely more.


You are always free to contact me after a session.  Sometimes, you'll notice a big shift after a session, other times you won't.  However, it's important to remember that either way we just peeled some layers off of your body's imbalances, and the more we peel, the better you could feel!  

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