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Chill babe, chill.

(skip to paragraph 3 and 4 if you want to get to the part where you learn 2 techniques to chill)

As I learn more about the power of energy healing and continue on my own journey, the less I fear the future. For me, The Emotion Code has been a gateway into a world that I didn't even know was out there... and it's a powerful world! Energy healing techniques, including The Emotion Code is a way to become more resilient, peaceful, aligned and content EVEN when chaos is spinning all around you. Most of the time, we can't control the chaos, but we can control how we respond. And we can respond with intent, rather than react when our energy body is taken care of.

Well...ok, how? Releasing emotions with me is one way of course. Currently, I'm working with clients on clearing fears, past trauma, stress, anxiety, relationships, emotional imbalances, strengthening the immune system, physical pain and core negative beliefs. Another way is to learn some energy medicine techniques; I like the ones I've learned from Donna Eden. She is filled with energy... like filled and you may need a cup of coffee before you watch her videos, but she does an excellent job at describing what we can do to move our energy and feel better without thinking.

You know when you just can't snap out of a bad mood no matter what you do? Could be due to stress, the kids screaming, corona, traffic, your boss, you get it... basically anything that throws us off balance. The more off balance we are, the quicker our body is thrown into fight, flight or freeze. And because we're most likely not fighting off bears and lions like our ancestors did, you don't need your amygdala to step into action. What you do need is your energy and blood to stay in your forebrain so you can respond with intent.

Quick way to do this, place your hand over your forehead and keep it there for 1-5 minutes. This brings blood back to the forebrain and gives your brain a chance to think. The more we train our brain to chill when presented with stress, the less we will be affected by everyday stressors. Many believe that 90% of illnesses that bring us to the doctor's office is caused by physiological stress (the constant state of stress, not the "late to the meeting I have to get my ass in gear" stress). If we can train our brains to chill and move this energy, we can in turn feel more in control.

Another technique we can try, is called a Triple Warmer smoothie (more on the Triple Warmer to come). This can get us out of a bad mood without thinking about it! Here's how:

Rub your hands together, then shake them out.

Put your fingers over your eyes, take a deep breath.

Bring your fingers to your temples and then behind your ears.

Flatten your hands against your neck and bring down to your heart.

Hold your hands at your heart for one more deep breath.

Here is Donna showing the Triple Warmer Smoothie:

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