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A Subtle Shift

I often think about how many energy shifts I've gone through since starting The Emotion Code. Sometimes I wish I started a journal to track my progress, and other times I'm just thankful that I've made as much progress as I have! The Emotion Code is not a "quick fix," it's more like a rolling wave- you know like the ones you can float notice them, but they don't smack you in the face like the really good body surfing waves. After the first session, I was like... "yeah, ok emotions were released, but I don't necesarily FEEL different." But after the 3rd session, I was like... "I get this now. This has really shifted my energy!" I felt lighter, calmer, waaayy less anxious, and more patient. I could also communicate better and advocated for what was needed with more ease. The Emotion Code is simple, but man, it's powerful!

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