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"let your heart be light"

Today I did a group healing on releasing overwhelm related to the holidays. We aligned the group with the statement of "I flow through the holidays with love, peace and joy" by releasing emotions and energies that the group shared. But personally, I think even more important than the energy we released was what we talked about, and I wanted to share that with anyone who was interested.

And here we go...

The holidays can be joyful and exciting. Holiday traditions, fun food and drinks, gifts, decorations... exciting shit. But on the other hand, there can be just as many tough, triggering emotions. It can be really easy to get pulled into the overwhelm and chaotic energy of this time. There’s a sense of urgency, no matter where you are. Excessive traffic, stores with the heat on way too high (and you always have to scratch your back but can't because your jacket is too bulky and your hands are full), long lines, budget busting shopping, obligations, family and friends we may rather not see, that gd elf- the list goes on. It's ironic that a time of year which is supposed to bring in peace and joy can trigger panic, frustration, overwhelm, anger, heartache... It can bring up sadness; a painful reminder of loss and trauma, loneliness and longing.

But no matter what it brings up, it’s here and... it's coming back next year... and the year after that. We have the choice to make it the best we can, even if this means going through the holidays with the tough emotions. We can’t change what happened to us in the past, but we can look at the now and the future. What do we want from this season? What do you want? What do you want this time of year to represent for you?

For some people, this may mean establishing a new relationship with the holidays. Releasing the emotions and memories around our past holiday experiences. Holding onto the dread and other low vibration emotions due to the past is not good for your emotional and physical health. We can make new connections going forward. Wouldn't it be amazing if you actually looked forward to the holidays without fear of burnout or past experiences coming up? Think about it for a minute... what do you want? Fo me, I want a sense of calm, coziness and love.

Once we set our intention and hold onto it, we need to put it into action and align ourselves and our choices with the intention. This may mean letting go of expectations. You don't have to say yes to everything. You don't have to hang onto traditions or continue to attend events that no longer serve you. There is no holiday medal. Just because you did it last year or with Aunt Judy in 1993, doesn’t mean you need to do it again. You have the power to choose and to align with your intention of the season. Reassess priorities and traditions, do things to bring in joy and peace. May this come with a little judgment from others? Probably, yes. Should you give a shit? No, you shouldn't, because you are setting boundaries, doing what is best for you and your family, and enjoying this time of year.

And please, please, please remember to take social media posts with a grain of salt. Filters and cropping do wonders. (Stay tuned for my non-filtered vs filtered Christmas prep pics on Instagram to help prove my point!)

So don't just get "through the holidays."

Bring in joy, love and peace.

Hold onto that intention you set.

Honor it.

Stay aligned with it.

And live it.


* Stay hydrated, move your body, eat nutritious foods

* Practice hygge

* Center and ground multiple times a day

* Protect your energy physically with the "zip up" * "Tap in the joy" when you feel those high vibration emotions

* Use an energetic vacuum or the Violet Flame to release trapped energy

* Place your hand on your forehead for 3-5 minutes to bring down the overwhelm and release triggering images and thoughts

* Breathe

Title lyrics from my favorite Christmas song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

My tree... cropped to hide the falling needles

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