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no one said driving was easy

Healing. It's a journey, no? It's not a straight down the highway kind of ride. It's more like one of those back road adventures with road closures and detours and potholes and one ways, maybe throw a couple of barking dogs and crying kids in the back? Not to say it's all a road trip from hell, but healing takes strength and persistence. It requires trust and determination. Patience and understanding. Healing is an adventure in which we know where we want to end up, but we can't plan for a smooth ride to get there, or how many stops we'll have to take along the way.

There are parts of healing that can rip your heart wide open and force you to deal with the raw emotions that have been hiding for months...or years...or generations. Healing can look us straight in the eyes and tell us to face ourselves; the dark, the light, the in between. It can ask us to look at parts of ourselves that we may not want to admit need work. I've recently learned that many of the challenges I face in parenting (read: behavior I find to be downright obnoxious in my own children) are parts of myself that I don't like, and frankly never did. It's been damn hard for me to own up to my faults and change my behavior. Working on ourselves instead of trying to change others is actually harder than trying to change others!

But I think many of you can attest to the fact that when we do the work, we see the benefits. Energy healing takes the sting out of this self improvement because it helps to move and release energy that's stuck. It can help us feel lighter and more grounded because we can remove those excess emotions and beliefs. But in the end, it's just you. You are the driver in this journey, and you are learning to deal with the unknowns of this adventure until you reach your final destination.

And your final destination? The place you really thought you wanted to go? It could just be the beginning of where you're really meant to be. So...keep your gas tank full, pack some healthy snacks, and make a good mix tape ;) When there is traffic, breathe. When there are detours, look for different options. When your lost, ask for directions. I'll be in the passenger seat giving you support, demanding you stay hydrated and helping you reach wherever you want to get to. But you will always be the driver, and driving isn't always easy, but that's ok. You are worthy of healing. You are worthy, period.

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