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So, what's this all about?  How could this possibly work?  How could someone release emotions from me?  Seems a little out there for me... not sure if I'm the type of person who could get into energy healing...


Openhearted works with a energy healing technique called The Emotion Code™ developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.   It releases trapped emotions to lighten the load of the emotional baggage we carry with us every day.  Trapped emotions are balls of negative energy which become lodged within our bodies, and can lead to physical, emotional and mental imbalances.  We all have trapped emotions from different periods of our lives that could be contributing to emotional and physical pain.  When we release these emotions, we may feel lighter and more balanced.    


This  to If you find yourself asking these questions, I get it!  It DOES seem a little out there, well at least at first.  I found myself asking the same questions before I gave this a shot.  The Emotion Code has worked so well for me, I got certified in order to help others!  My goal is to normalize energy healing and reach as many people I can to help lighten the load of emotional baggage and live with less emotional and physical imbalances.  Read on for a formal explanation!  




My name is Kristen Hough and I'm a certified Emotion Code®  practitioner. I have helped clients decrease physical pain, stress, anxiety and fear, improve one’s ability to communicate and enhance relationships with family.  I will work with you to help address issues that you'd like to see improved in your life.  We can work together to open up your heart so you can live a life filled with more joy, love, and balance! 

I recommend reading The Emotion Code book to learn more about how this all works before your session.  

Short on time? Read through my website or check out Dr. Nelson's site,

You can also contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn how this modality can work for you as you start or continue your healing journey!   I'll release a few emotions for your highest good so you can get an idea of how it works, you can also click here to see what a session is all about!

Book a free 15-minute consult!

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