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comfortably numb.

Updated: May 27, 2023

Pink Floyd's lyrics are punching me in the gut recently. We as a society have become comfortably numb to the piercing screams of people needing help. And you know why? Because most of us are walking around buried in our own shit. Most of us are ungrounded and unhinged, living on autopilot just trying to get through the day. It is time to wake the fuck up.

There is so much pain. So many tragic stories and unheard voices. So many people dealing with heavy shit that it has become the norm. Violence, depression, anxiety, suicide- it has become the norm. Life feels HEAVY. And I feel the heft. Do you? If you don't, you're living under a rock and please stay there because underground seems safer and way less scary. If you do feel this heft, I am presuming you feel overwhelmed, helpless, and fearful. All valid. All feelings are valid, all should be listened to and processed through. But... how do we move through it? How do we deal with all of it without getting pulled down by the weight of the world?

Take care of yourself first. PLEASE. As my sister says, start with the basics. Take care of your physical body...Move, eat nutritious foods, drink water, and sleep. Next, take care of your energy body. Center, ground, clear and protect your energy. Do not push your emotions away. Watch for signs of misplaced anger and anxiety. What is this really about? Why are you being triggered? And keep healing, it's not a quick process, but it's a necessary one.

Need help? I can help.

Then, take care of those close to you. Live from a place of love, being present and intentional. CONNECT. Have real conversations. Real interactions. Love them, and allow them to love you back. There are many people in our own circles who are hurting. Check in. And don't stop. Feeling unseen is very lonely. Please offer your love to those you know need it. It's ok to be overwhelmed with your own shit and help others, you know. You can do both... as long as you take care of yourself in the process. (And if you're the one suffering, ASK FOR HELP. Be brave, take a breath and ask for help. You are worth it.)

Next, send light and love. I can't even tell you how much I used to hate this saying. My mom used to say it and I rolled my eyes right at her. Send light to what? To who? And how? But now I get it. Send light and love to those hurting, to those who are stuck and going through unthinkable tragedies. We are all connected by energy, send some healing energy their way.

THEN do something. There are many stories in the news right now that are heart wrenching to hear and watch. We cannot and should not turn a blind eye. But we also do not need to get pulled down deep into all of them. What can you do to help? Reading articles, watching live streams of court cases (WHAT THE FUCK on this one), immersing yourself in the pain is not helpful. Not for you, not for them. But please, do something. Don't just turn away from it and go numb. Our world needs light. Be the light by sending light, but also helping. Donate, offer your services, learn more, educate yourself. Start small, but start somewhere. Little things do add up. Take one step and keep going.

So, starting today... let's not be comfortable staying numb.

You can do hard things. We all can.

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