"Emotions to Moods... temperamants to personality traits" - Dr. Joe Dispenza*. It's like a ripple effect.

The emotions you are feeling today could become a personailty trait of yours in the future. Emotions your ancestors felt years ago could now be one of your personality traits. Releasing trapped emotions isn't just about bringing your body back to balance, it's about changing your future. With The Emotion Code, we can release core negative beliefs, inherited and absorbed emotions, along with our own emotions that we may (or may not) know we've trapped. We can also release emotional reverberations, which is our current mood or "ringing in the body emotion" as Dr. Nelson describes it. Positive emotions raise our vibration, dense emotions like resentment, shame, and guilt to name a few, lower our vibration. There is no time like the present to raise your vibration... what will that look like for you?

* Dr. Joe Dispenza is an internationally known lecturer, researcher and educator. He teaches about the importance of living in the present and rewiring our brains. He's the author of Breaking The Habit of Being Ourselves and has a series called Rewired.


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"One of my favorite things about the Emotion Code is that you don't have to relive the events that trapped the emotions in the first place.  Actually, you don't even need to voice them to me at all!  We find the emotion, we release it, and it's gone for good.  Each released emotion is a chance for your body to find its way back to balance."

-Kristen Hough

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