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It's kind of like a mind eraser...

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

...I'm talking about The Emotion Code here..not a drink you may find on a bar menu. There are many memories in our past, whether it's 10 years ago or 10 hours ago that can bring up strong emotions like anger, frustration, shock, or guilt, to name a few. Often times throughout our life, the same image of an event will continue to flash in our minds. Using the emotion code, we can release the emotions related to these events and distance ourselves from the feelings around it. Destructive energies due to the emotions will be neutralized and our bodies can go back to balance.

Did you know that our minds don't know the difference between an event happening in the present and one from 10 years ago? We can re-trap emotions related to an event in the past just by thinking of it... scary but true.

On a side note, I offer a "quick release" session to release trapped emotions related to a recent event, that way the emotions from the event are gone for good and can't be re-trapped!

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