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Oh yay, it's 2021.

So... welcome??? My heart is heavy and hurting.

You know the song Heavy Heart by Jamestown Revival,

"cause I've got a, a heavy heart, and a heavy's weighing on me."

Seems fitting for this week. I hope you're doing ok.

We all have our own thoughts and feelings about the last few days, but I will tell you one thing we ALL share... every single one of us: the power to choose our emotions.

As Dr. Nelson explains, "if you want to become a master of your emotions, learning to reroute your emotional experiences are essential." So... how do we do that in times of chaos and stress and anger and hatred and sadness.... well, we start small. (Don't go for the 50 pound weights until you master the 25 pounders, you know?)

This weekend, try this following exercise with a negative emotion you're feeling.

(or turn to page 286 in The Emotion Code book):

1. Understand the feeling first; there is a reason you are feeling this emotion. What's the reason?

2. Recognize what the emotion is.

3. Scan your body... do you feel discomfort?

4. Where did this feeling come from? Did something trigger you? Is it related to a past experience? Could it be an overreaction (most likely due to a past experience)?

5. Now, feel the emotion. Take a minute to breathe into it. Then release the emotion on the fly (swipe your hand over your head a few times saying, "I am releasing this emotion of...."

6. Take a second to reassess. Is the discomfort gone? Do you feel lighter?

7. Feeling better? Great, move on. Not yet, go back to start.

7. What could I choose to feel instead? Positive emotions raise our vibration. What we feel, we attract. Imagine if we all learned to reroute our emotions??

Other ideas to help:

You can also try one of Donna Eden's exercises to help release trauma and overwhelm.

Listen to this music in the background of whatever you're doing to raise your vibration.

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