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The Most "Wonderful" Time of the Year

Oh Christmastime... a time that is supposed to be filled with wonder and joy. I have always loved Christmas and the preparation of the holiday. However, the energy around this time of year is INTENSE! (Whether you celebrate Christmas or not!)

People are walking around ungrounded, stressed, and rushed. Their root chakras are completely out of whack! The holidays can bring up many past memories, for better or for worse. Now you have someone walking around ungrounded with past memories of longing and heartache. Add the tension of family dynamics and finances to the list with emotions like loneliness, resentment, guilt, fear and anger... and you've got someone walking around in a ball of imbalance. The added stress of COVID adds more worry and insecurity around our health, the health of our loved ones and tradition.

During this year especially, it may take some extra flexibility and trust to enjoy the holidays in perhaps, a new way. What can we do about the holiday season WITH the pandemic? How can we deal with the energy of others while protecting ourselves and making memories?

Well, for starters, 1. we need to get grounded and stay there (go outside, stay hydrated, meditate, do Donna Eden's Energy Routine, book a session, etc). 2. We can also bring gratitude into our daily routine. Just naming 3 things a day can help you get into a state of gratitude. 3. We can stay in the present... IN.THE.PRESENT and out of your head! As Joe Dispenza says, if we want our brain to grow, we must stay off of autupilot and experience new things. Our bodies and brains love the past... it's easy and comfortable there. But we want to grow and move forward. We can do this in easy everyday ways....change up your daily routine, call an old friend, listen to a new podcast, or learn a new recipe. 4. We can also think of new ways to enjoy time with friends and family this year, let go of the "but we always have done it this way..." Maybe this year will start some of the best traditions yet!

Trust in the flow of life, balance out those powerful energy centers (the 7 chakras) and breathe. Maybe sing a little too, it's good for your throat chakra!

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