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we are never helpless

Updated: May 27, 2022

To me, one of the hardest things I find about sickening, heart wrenching tragedies like Uvalde is feeling helpless. Like, what can I do for these people across the country who are waking up to a new reality of unimaginable grief and pain? When things like this have happened in the past, I've allowed myself to be consumed by the news. I've taken on so much of the energy of these stories that I can hardly function myself. I play out their stories in the middle of the night feeling my own heart tear apart. Thankfully, I've learned that this is not helpful to the people going through the tragedies, or to myself and family. Turning off the news is not selfish and it does not mean you don't care. I care deeply, and I know you do too. Remember, your subconscious has no idea whether the emotions you experience are in real life or in your mind.

Am I saying to turn your head and pretend everything is ok? Hell no. Did it cross my mind that someone could come in and shoot up the elementary school play I was at? Yes, it actually enters my mind every time I'm in a public space. Should you be angry and outraged? Yes, please. Educating yourself and taking action is crucial, it's the way things change. Keeping informed is important and necessary. But I promise you immersing yourself into all of this grief for hours a day is not going to bring change. It's going to tear you apart, it's going to lower your vibration, it's going to shorten your fuse. You will become numb and feel helpless because your brain will shut down to protect you.

We are NOT helpless. We are helpers. We have to be. We have to find ways to bring about change. (With a quick reminder that we are actually the only nation where this happens regularly). Whether you're a democrat, republican, independent or could give a shit about politics, it doesn't matter. This world needs to come together, not drift further apart. This is an issue that could affect anyone of us at any time, and it has to stop. So while you're finding the best ways to support change, find ways to support yourself and family. This world needs you, she is screaming in pain. She needs you to open up your heart and fill it with love for yourself, for your family and for strangers. Love WILL win, but we need a hell of a lot more of it.

Please take a look below for a starting point to help bring about change. And for the love of God, help me normalize energy healing to help more people heal.

"Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world." -Marianne Williamson

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