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what you resist, persists

Grab your pointer finger- now hold on real tight and let go at the same time... keep trying. You could keep your kids real busy with this challenge... I won't tell them it's not possible!

When we fight an emotion, we are resisting the emotion and creating force. The more we resist, the harder it becomes to let go. If you've had a session with me lately, you may be familiar with the Resistance Chart (thank you Jad Chamcham) that I've incorporated into most sessions, because most of us have resistance to being, feeling or doing something. Many times, if we're having trouble with a persistent issue... we have a resistance! We can release this with The Emotion Code, for sure, but we can also be more aware of the thoughts and emotions coming in.

In order to do this, getting and staying grounded is key. If we're flailing and spinning around, getting caught up in the million thoughts that go through our heads each day, we're not grounded. So ground yourself, please. When we're grounded, we feel more supported, safe and trusting. And now, *sneaking in a reminder to drink water.* Hydration is key to a balanced body, both the energetic and physical. I may sound like a broken record, but please for the love of God, hydrate yourself.

Once we're grounded and hydrated, the chaos going on around us can seem more manageable. We can now start to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions. ALL emotions are healthy to feel, even though some aren't awesome, they are important. When we're able to have a healthy relationship with our emotions, we can release this resistance. Past trauma has put our subconscious on hyperdrive to make sure we don't feel the way we did in the past, and even though that little computer wants the best for us, sometimes it's creating more resistance and in turn, less healing. We have to teach it a new way!

So, how can we process an emotion without trapping it or creating resistance? We can experience an emotion by first recognizing it, and then allow ourselves to consciously feel it. Trying your hardest to stay in the moment, breathing, and reminding yourself it's ok to feel this way, then respond instead of react. Now we're able to let the emotion flow out of our bodies like a wave; up over and through. The less we resist, the easier it is to let go. You gotta feel it to heal it, y'all.

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