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You Got It From Your Mama... or Her Mama...

Or her mama...or hers. We can inherit traits like hair type and color from our mothers side, and height and eye color from our father's side. However, we can also inherit trapped emotions, which can contribute to our physical and emotional issues. Inherited emotions are vibrations of negative energy from a strong and powerful event which are passed down from generation to generation. An emotion of panic trapped from an ancestor in The Civil War could be affecting you and your children today. Unexplained fears, anxiety, physical and emotional issues could be due to emotional inheritance. We could be experiencing the same vibrational frequency of panic that our ancestor did during war and not even know why!

When we release these inherited emotions, we can start to bring our bodies back into balance and better yet, automatically release them from anyone who has inherited them, both up and down the family line. Every time we release an inherited emotion, we have the chance to break the cycle. Our children's children could live in more balance by starting with a cleaner slate just by releasing these emotions! #emotioncode #releasingtrauma #releasinginheritedemotions #itstopshere #breakingthecycle

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