chakra bracelet $20

The 7-inch chakra bracelet handmade by Olive+Parker can be worn as a visible reminder to keep those energy centers balanced and opened!   The 7” Chakra bracelet is made up of seven different colored beads, brass snake beads, and lava beads. Its purpose and meaning is to help balance your seven energy centers. Each color has different healing properties: calmness, clarity, heal, joy, vitality, balance, and protection.

When our chakras are balanced, we can feel more centered, grounded, and energized.  The chakras communicate with our biological systems, including our endocrine and nervous systems.  When our chakras are congested, our bodies may not be functioning at their optimal levels, and therefore, we may feel emotionally and/or physically "off" or even ill.  

Add your favorite brand of essential oil to the lava beads on these beautiful bracelets to help heal the chakras.   Here are a few oils you could try after your own research: root-patchouli, sacral- neroli, solar plexus- pine, heart chakra- rose, throat- lavender, third eye- sandalwood, and crown- lime.