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Valentine's Day is a day to show love and appreciation. And although it's one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year, taking time to appreciate each other and the world around us can be good for your heart. And this is proven!

Your heart rhythm pattern is smooth when experiencing appreciation, and a smooth heart rhythm is a sign of good health!

Read more about your heart and emotions at HeartMath Institute.

But... let's be real, it can be hard to feel appreciation, let alone show it. The overuse of hashtags and phrase decor is evident if you walk into any store that carries basically anything...napkins, mugs, signs, bracelets, candles.... the list goes on. But how many people do you think have a mug that says #begrateful who don't practice gratitude daily? Most. It's hard!

As many of you know, I'm not a big fan of people telling me how to feel, whether it's with spoken words or Rae Dunn napkins. However, I do like the idea of feeling appreciation. Number one, because now I know it's good for my heart. And two, I don't have an adverse reaction to the word like I do with the overused "gratitude." Am I thankful and grateful for the 18 inches of show we have? Not really. I hate when I get snow in my boots or when the kids drag in snowy/muddy footprints.

BUT I can appreciate the beauty of the sun reflecting off of it.

So... what can you appreciate today? Your heart will thank you!

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